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Yumi Dates Company was founded in 2022 by a Partnership between two sustainably minded firms who share a passion for growing healthy organic products using environmentally friendly advanced farming practices. In January 2022 the partnership acquired the assets of the multi generation farming company Imperial Date Gardens.

Imperial Date Gardens history dates to 1972 when its founder planted the first date palms. Today Yumi Dates is comprised of more than 2,730 acres of Medjool palms, mostly located in Somerton Arizona with a smaller portion located in Bard, California.

At yumi we grow Medjool Dates the right way. The climate conditions are ideal for growing the highest quality Medjool Dates in the world. Harvesting more than 21 million pounds of Medjool dates every year. In partnership with Datepac and Bard Valley Date Growers Coop we are fully
integrated from the farm to the retailer and to the final consumer.

At Yumi we currently employ more than 25 direct employees and more than 1,500
indirect employees thru farming labor contractors. All our ranches are equipped with microjet irrigation for minimizing the water usage and also farm under the most rigorous organic
farming certification practices. Our farms are either USDA Certified Organic or are in transition to Certification.

All our farming is performed and directed by our permanent employees, including tenured managers senior agronomists, machinery and equipment engineers and foreman who are best in class in the date supply chain.

If you think about the best organic dates, think in YUMI!!!


The Yumi team

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